Our Point of View

TruePoint’s team members combine decades of practical consulting experience with pioneering research to develop the insights and strategies required to deliver sustained high performance.  Based on this work, we have developed a strong evidenced-based point of view on the principles and practices that enable leaders to build organizations that deliver exceptional performance. We have shared these principles and practices more widely in numerous books and dozens of articles in leading business publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review and McKinsey Quarterly

We believe that:

"Leaders don't need to compromise between people and performance; creation of superior economic and social value can support each other."   Learn more about Higher Ambition.

"Most organizations are not able to create sustainable competitive advantage because they fail to align the three levers necessary for achieving great results."  Learn more about High Commitment High Performance.

"Matrix organizational designs can provide the basis for sustainable advantage—if they are well designed and led." Learn more about Making the Matrix Work.

"Six Silent Killers block effective strategy implementation. Leaders avoid confronting them at their peril."   Learn more about the Six Silent Killers.




"What makes them so credible-experience, citing examples.  I never got the view that this was academia or theoretical. TruePoint's people were able to articulate real examples."