The TruePoint Center

The TruePoint Center is a non-profit organization committed to helping leaders build exceptional organizations–organizations that create exceptional value for their people, the customers or clients they serve, and their other stakeholders, including the larger community of which they are part.  

The TruePoint Center:

  • Brings the expertise and capabilities of TruePoint to bear in serving leaders whose primary objective is social impact – e.g., leaders of non-profit organizations or of multi-organization initiatives. Over the past 8 years, the TruePoint Center has been deeply involved in advancing the field of early childhood development through work with:
  • Develops and spreads knowledge about effective leadership approaches for building exceptional organizations through research, conferences, and publications including:
    • A multi-year research study of the leadership practices of higher-ambition CEOs in vanguard companies in Europe, India and the US.  The results of this work are summarized in Higher Ambition: How Great Leaders Create Economic and Social Value (Harvard Business School Publishing, 2011).  This research, and the related research conferences, catalyzed the formation of The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership (, which TruePoint helped launch as a founding sponsor.
    • A 2015 article published in The Foundation Review (Issue 7.4) titled:  ‘A Foundation's Theory of Philanthropy:  What it is, What it Provides, How to Do It.
    • A chapter in Developmental Evaluation Exemplars: Principles in Practice (Guilford Press, 2015), “Science and How We Care for Needy Young Children: The Frontiers of Innovation Initiative."
    • An article in UNICEF: State of the World’s Children 2015,  “Lab and Village: Reimagining How Science Can Serve Children.”






"Vision and values are huge when you're trying to build a company based on people as assets—to motivate them and build the kind of respect that unleashes their maximum productivity."