Proven Path to Performance: The Strategic Fitness Process

When organizations pursue performance breakthroughs, changing strategies is not enough. They also must change how the game gets played—with new capabilities, new patterns of behavior, and shifts in power and influence that don’t come easily. Too often, leaders and their top teams find themselves without a committed organization behind them—the top people push but execution drags. No one speaks the plain truth about the roadblocks to strategy implementation. Lacking alignment, the top team gives conflicting messages. Cross-functional teamwork flounders on competing metrics and priorities. Managers and employees who must drive the strategy lose heart, believing “this too shall pass.”

TruePoint’s Strategic Fitness Process, developed, researched and refined in the last 20 years, changes the game by giving leadership teams insights into the roadblocks to change and how to overcome them. Through a series of disciplined conversations about the company’s goals and strategy, starting with the senior team and then engaging a cross-section of down-the-line managers and employees, people at all levels are able to “speak truth to power” without fear for their jobs or concern that leaders will be hurt and defensive. 

Conversations structured by the Strategic Fitness Process are powerful because they focus on the issues that matter most to leaders:

  • Do we have a distinctive business strategy that people believe in?
  • Do we have the organization design capabilities, business processes, leadership, culture and commitment to execute?
  • If not, what is getting in the way?

Through these conversations, leaders learn what people across the organization really think about their strategy and what they know about hidden barriers to execution.  When exposed through this high engagement process barriers are quickly overcome with commitment.


Strategic Fitness Process
Over nearly 20 years, TruePoint has used Strategic Fitness Process in more than 300 organizations around the world—at the corporate, business-unit and plant level as well as in sales and service field organizations of 10,000+ employees. The process has been applied successfully across a wide range of situations, including mergers, divisional reorganizations and cultural transformations.

"The Strategic Fitness Process is so simple and elegant. TruePoint offers so much in this one process that it's really cost-effective. People may underestimate what they are getting—it's hard to imagine how much it will pay back over time, something that TruePoint makes seem very easy."