Strengthen Strategy Execution

High-performance organizations develop a natural rhythm and flow to execution.  They consistently deliver on their value proposition, balance short- and long-term results and energize, engage and develop people along the way. 

Unfortunately, too many organizations slog through execution like a forced march. Despite detailed plans, those at the front line struggle with conflicting priorities, overload and missed deadlines. Top management may be either too removed from day-to-day operations or too involved in the details. (For background, see The Six Silent Killers.)

TruePoint offers a range of approaches that support results-focused execution—engaging leadership appropriately, accelerating and enhancing performance, building skills and creating alignment at all levels of the organization.

Results-Focused Backplanning helps organizations shift the focus from fighting fires today to what truly must be achieved to stay on course and fulfill the strategy. Backplanning engages a cross-organizational group to work backwards from the desired outcomes to define each earlier result that must be accomplished and built upon to achieve success. Leaders see clearly the critical activities that must be done now so that the future strategy can succeed. Quarterly progress is easy to measure with clear accountability across organization boundaries. The process uncovers and addresses faulty assumptions that could derail the strategy early in the process.

Quick Win Projects When results must be accomplished in shorter timeframes using fewer resources, a model for quickly identifying, organizing and achieving them using existing resources and authority is essential to organizational success. "Business as usual" is no longer adequate if the organization is going to meet its goals. Quick win projects are driven by cross-functional teams that focus first on the results that must be achieved within 30 to 90 days, then on how to accomplish them.

Unit-Level Improvement Businesses with many individual units—be they hotels, restaurants, or manufacturing plants—struggle with the same problem: a wide “bell curve” of performance that includes some high-performing lead units and too many low-performing laggards. One respected retail chain we researched included 80 highly profitable stores and over 100 that lost money every year. TruePoint has developed a powerful integrated approach to driving consistent high performance across replicated operating sub-units—be they hotels, restaurants, or manufacturing plants.



"People like me want business results. If you can't translate the direct investments into the business results, and make it hang for people, my management team wouldn't sponsor the work."