Align Leadership Team Around Strategy

Setting a clear course for an organization requires agreement by the senior leadership team on the fundamentals. And, as most leaders know from experience—setting a clear and powerful direction involves not only building on the organization’s strengths and opportunities—but honestly acknowledging and productively addressing its weaknesses and challenges.

Using proven approaches to define and align on a strategic direction, TruePoint works with senior teams to address questions key to their success:

  • What is our company's distinctive source of advantage, and how does it build on our unique history, values and capabilities?
  • What are our collective priorities? What must get done? What will we stop doing?
  • What are the implications of the new strategy for the organization? What new capabilities will be required? What roles will individuals and groups need to play?
  • Why is this direction worth committing to—as an organization and as individuals?
  • What is our integrated change roadmap? How can we deliver short-term results while building the capabilities we need for enduring success?

TruePoint draws on our deep expertise in strategy and organization to engage the entire team in resolving the tough trade-offs—individual objectives vs. collective goals, short-term results vs. long-term performance—by creating disciplined and fact-based conversations around critical issues.

The result: a compelling, logical, results-focused game plan that the senior team is committed to and that people throughout the organization can understand, support and execute against. Here’s what we want to achieve. Here’s why it matters. And here is what it is going to take to get there.


"If you're unsatisfied with business results, trying to drive massive change in your organization, TruePoint's methods can crystallize where you want to head, then help you align your team to get results you've never dreamed of, faster than you ever dreamed could happen."