Design High-Performance Organizations

A business needs to be redesigned when its current organization hinders pursuit of new marketplace opportunities and higher performance. Unfortunately, the typical approach to redesigning an organization creates anxiety and uncertainty for those who work in it. Fixated on the reshuffling of boxes and lines, people wonder who they’ll report to or if they’ll still have a role. This misses the real purpose of organization design—aligning the business to capture new opportunities, enhance performance and reinforce commitment.

TruePoint approaches organization design differently, focusing not on the paper organization of boxes and lines, but upon the real organization that needs to bring together the right people and resources around the right market opportunities. We work with leaders to tell a clear story of what they are trying to get done and how redesign fits into the overall business strategy. This clarity helps people focus on running the business instead of who they report to — and it guides leaders as they sort through the complexity of competing choices and priorities.

Organization design poses unique challenges—there’s no magic bullet in a complex system. But TruePoint’s experience, with many organizations, has helped us develop our own powerful heuristics—a problem-solving framework we often describe as “asking the right questions in the right order.”

  • What are the primary dimensions of value creation for this business?
  • How do we get the right people working on the right things to create this value on each of these dimensions?
  • How do we roll out and support our new go-to-market strategy?
  • What do we have to do as leaders and leadership teams?

With this approach, we help leaders and their senior teams cut through the complexity to structure and manage their choices and tradeoffs.


"The capacity of the organization has increased. This is a self-determining process, a liberating process."