Build Business and Leadership Capabilities

TruePoint works with clients to design and deliver tailored leadership development programs that support the overall strategic agenda, result in measurable performance improvement and build stronger down-the-line leaders and teams.Through our programs, we help people at all levels learn to play leadership as a collective sport—to align work in their areas with the efforts of other leaders and the overall goals of the organization.  

Programs typically last from 6 to 12 months, with participants spending one to two days per month in workshops.  While the specifics depend on the client’s situation and needs, all of our programs share the following elements:

  • Promising up-and-coming managers. In most cases, programs are designed for peer groups of 12 to 15 high-potential managers. This size group provides the most effective peer learning and coaching. The group can be homogeneous (e.g., all district managers working toward the same outcome) or they may come from a variety of positions with different objectives.
  • Performance task. Each participant has a specific, measurable objective—e.g., to improve the performance (productivity, service, etc.) of a particular district or unit or to speed development of a new product or service.
  • Senior leadership sponsorship and involvement. Participation by senior leaders ensures that participants undertake meaningful projects aligned with the corporate agenda. In some cases, senior leaders serve as faculty members.
  • Just-in-time training curriculum. Workshop content is geared to meet the development needs of participants. We provide a mix of “hard” (strategy, project management, goal setting and measurement) and “soft” (team leadership, group problem-solving, communications) skills delivered by both TruePoint and specialist faculty.
  • Peer learning and support. To build institutional capabilities, a collaborative culture and strong internal networks, participants are encouraged to coach and support each other, both within the training program and beyond.
  • Measurable results. In addition to the learning and other benefits described above, we aim for our leadership development programs to deliver a tenfold payback on the investment.


Learning by Design
The story of how a Swedish industrial group built its executive management program from scratch illustrates how organizations can unleash the leadership capabilities required to drive transformation and strengthen business results. >>

 "This has been the best leadership development experience of my career."