Our Services

We begin our work with each client by clarifying the fundamentals of the business context and strategic agenda, as well as the performance model of the business. From this platform of shared understanding, we design a custom approach that draws on our deep capabilities and broad experiences in order to deliver the greatest performance impact for each client.

We have built distinctive capabilities in six areas that we have found are particularly key to our clients’ success.

We partner with clients to:

  • Align Leadership Team Around Strategy

    Work with a Senior Leadership team in a disciplined process to develop a compelling strategic direction and game plan, that they and people throughout the organization, can understand, commit to and execute.

  • The Strategic Fitness Process

    Our ‘Strategic Fitness Process’ enables the leadership team to mobilize their people to identify and overcome the barriers to delivering breakthrough performance.

  • Design High-Performance Organizations

    We work with clients to design the organization, and new ways of working, to enable people to deliver strategic performance. Beyond design, we help clients make the change successfully and refine the organization over time.

  • Strengthen Strategy Execution

    We work with clients to implement the leadership behaviors and management processes needed to institutionalize excellence in strategy execution throughout the organization.

  • Build Business and Leadership Capabilities

    Tailored development programs that focus on building strategy-critical capabilities in leaders, tied directly to “real work” on-the-job. They result in measurable performance improvement.

  • Architect and Lead Change

    Large-scale change in an organization requires multiple leadership initiatives over several years. These must be properly designed, sequenced and coordinated to avoid initiative overload and confusion. TruePoint can help design and manage the whole change process.


"The methods TruePoint uses in many respects reach into the knowledge base and energy source of the company."