How We Work With Clients

We have a different way of working with clients, that allows us to build deep trust based partnerships with our clients, which often endure over years, and in some cases decades. It is based on a few powerful and pragmatic principles tested and refined over many years of consulting and research.

We “listen and partner," rather than “analyze and tell.” We help engage the people within the organization and create a safe space for them to have productive conversations about the issues that matter most to success. We help unleash the energy and creativity of leaders at all levels to develop solutions they are excited by and that they can commit to. We believe it is essential to align all aspects of the organization and ways of working with strategy. And we have a strong bias for action—creating change through teams working directly on delivering bottom-line impact.

Our Pragmatic Principles:
  • Performance Linkage: Ensure that all of the thinking and work with people is motivated by, and tied to, business performance
  • Engagement: Engage with your people and bring counsel, structure, support, challenge and outside perspective to help focus and amplify your own leadership. We believe in helping you to “build your own house”—not in “telling you the answer.”
  • Honest Conversation: Organizations often hide differences of opinion and avoid hard truths, thus undermining real collaboration and performance. We believe in creating safe environments, where conflicts and hard truths become discussable, where issues are argued on their merits and where people and organizations accelerate learning.
  • Whole System: An organization is a complex human system and solutions are rarely one-dimensional. We help clients embrace change along the full range of dimensions needed to deliver the end-result (for example, business goals and priorities, roles and accountabilities, business processes and systems, incentives, skills and capabilities).
  • Bias for Action: We typically look for opportunities to get teams working directly on the high-value initiatives that will generate immediate bottom-line impact. Wherever possible we help shape these initiatives to incubate the new capabilities and ways of working needed to create the longer-term future.
  • Client Leadership and Partnership: TruePoint teams are composed of a small number of highly-experienced practitioners to partner with you, not battalions of junior analysts. We are careful to avoid the trap that can arise in more traditional leverage consulting models of creating confusion of ownership and disempowering an organization. Our approach is clear—leaders lead, consultants support and advise.



"TruePoint helps to drive multi-year, multi-level change. It's not a quick fix. It's a partnership building something sustainable for the future."