Our Beliefs

Our work is driven by a core set of principles that we have tested and refined over decades of consulting and research. We believe in order to build sustainable, high-performing organizations, leaders must:

  • Mobilize change around a shared vision that builds on the organizations' distinctive identity and capabilities, differentiating it in the product and talent markets
  • Create a high-investment, high-return value proposition—for all key groups.
  • Address business, organization, cultural and leadership issues as part of one integrated strategy, driven by an aligned senior team and tightly linked to performance outcomes that matter.
  • Use staff and consultants as supports, not as substitutes for line management.
  • Create stretch opportunities for the most talented down-the-line leaders to accelerate progress.
  • Build capabilities and stay on track through disciplined cycles of action and adjustment that deliver results and learning.
  • Have the conversations that matter—get the tough "iceberg" issues on the table and resolved them in a fact-based way.
  • Institutionalize the management disciplines and culture to optimize long-term value while delivering short-term results.
  • Require all leaders to recreate these conditions for their parts of the business.







"I loved having the small team vs. an army of consultants. I basically partnered with people who had done this before, who were highly experienced and not learning what to do at our expense."