Making the Matrix Work

In his book Designing Matrix Organizations That Actually Work, Jay Galbraith shows how a well-run matrix organization allows industry leaders like IBM and P&G to thrive in a world of ever increasing complexity—to successfully manage multiple product lines, do business in multiple countries and serve many customer segments through a variety of channels all at once. He shares insights gained over 40 years of research and consultation with matrix organizations. He argues that, in general, the secret is in aligning the different elements of organizational design and behavior summarized in his Star model. More specifically, matrix organizations commonly fail because:

  • they have not adopted the specific collaborative processes—such as joint planning processes, performance management and conflict resolution across matrix dimensions—needed to make the matrix work in practice.
  • the transition to less formal, and more collaborative, networked and entrepreneurial behaviors needed to work with the tensions in the matrix is incomplete

TruePoint works with clients to create organizational designs that effectively deliver on the strategy and performance goals of the organization.  We work with leaders to get the right people with the right capabilities working together effectively.