Higher Ambition

In their recently published book, Higher Ambition, Mike Beer, Russ Eisenstat, Nathaniel Foote, Tobias Fredberg and Flemming Norrgren argue that there is a fundamentally better way to lead large, complex organizations in the 21st century.  Higher-ambition leaders deliver superior economic and social value—in both the short- and long-term. 

The book brings together the insights of 36 CEO's from vanguard companies from around the world. These leaders all share a higher ambition—they are not content to just make their quarterly numbers; they are committed to creating institutions that sustainably win, with their people, their customers, their communities and with their shareholders.

The companies these CEOs lead are able to succeed even in the face of headwinds from capital markets, rapidly changing technology and unrelenting competition. At the heart of higher-ambition leaders’ success are five core leadership and management disciplines:

Higher-ambition leaders build on management best practices in: 



Strategy Development


Forge a strategic identity rooted in their core capabilities, mission and values

Performance Management


Build a shared commitment to excel — delivering on promises to all stakeholders

Organizational Development


Create a diverse community of purpose that energizes and aligns their global firms

Human Resource Development


Develop collective leadership with the CEO as Chief Talent Officer

Personal Leadership


Lead with "Sisu" — staying the course quarter after quarter and year after year.

Higher Ambition How Great Leaders Create Economic and Social Value

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