High Commitment High Performance

Businesses that win over the long term get three things right, argues TruePoint Chairman Mike Beer in his book High Commitment High Performance.

They do a superior job of creating what Beer refers to as:

  • Performance alignment.
  • Psychological alignment.
  • Capacity for learning and change.

Performance alignment occurs when all aspects of the organization- its structure, systems people and culture- fits performance goals and strategy.  Psychological alignment is the emotional attachment of people at all levels to the purpose, mission and values of the company. And if the firm is to sustain both performance and psychological alignment, it must also have the capacity for learning and change. Taken together, these three pillars create the resilience essential for a company to weather inevitable inflections in the business and social environment as the firm grows. Beer argues that leaders who seek to create these outcomes have to: 

High Commitment High Performance

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