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"Management Lessons from One Hospital's Dramatic Turnaround"
Eric J. McNulty, Nathaniel Foote, Douglas Wilson
Strategy + Business, March 2017


"Why Leadership Training Fails - And What to Do About It"
Michael Beer, Magnus Finnstrom, Derek Schrader
Harvard Business Review, October 2016


“The Higher-Ambition Leader”
Nathaniel Foote, Russell Eisenstat, Tobias Fredberg
Harvard Business Review, September 2011

Unlike many executives, higher-ambition leaders are not content with achieving strong economic returns, but strive to generate superior performance on three fronts:  creating long-term economic value, producing significant benefits for the wider community, and building robust social capital within their organizations.


“The Uncompromising Leader”
Russell Eisenstat, Michael Beer, Nathaniel Foote, Tobias Fredberg, Flemming Norrgren
Harvard Business Review, July 2008

Managing the tension between performance and people is at the heart of the CEO’s job.  The Uncompromising Leader is packed with the examples and leadership principles required to successfully resolve this tension without sacrificing either.

“Learning by Design:  Developing an Engine for Transforming Your Company”
Leadership in Action, November/December 2009
Michael Beer and Magnus Finnström

Few would argue that the quality of leadership at all levels can make or break efforts to transform a company – yet if developing great leaders is so important, why do so many companies get it wrong?

“How to Have an Honest Conversation About Your Business Strategy”
Michael Beer and Russell Eisenstat
Harvard Business Review, February 2004

Despite widespread rhetoric about the need for organizational agility, an astonishing number of businesses stay stuck in neutral when they need to implement a new strategy – a problem intensified because the organization’s people cannot talk frankly and publicly about the obstacles to change. 

“The Silent Killers of Strategy Implementation and Learning”
Michael Beer and Russell Eisenstat
Sloan Management Review, September 2000

Analyzing in-depth the strategy efforts of 12 organizations, Mike and Russ identify the six “silent killers” of strategy implementation and teach how they can be transformed into six core capabilities to make companies fast and agile.


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