Delivering Performance for Global Medical Devices Business Unit


  • Business Unit with revenues >$1 B;  markets specialized medical devices
  • Strong history of success: global leadership position after a decade of double-digit growth
  • Global pressure on healthcare spending and maturing of some product/market positions pose challenge for future innovation and growth
  • Generation change to a new General Manager and leadership team charged with taking business to next stage


  • Support GM and new leadership team over 24+ months to lead the transformation of the Business to position for sustained success over the next 5 years and beyond
  • Help team to identify and align around a new strategic direction, and make it actionable:
    • Following a strategic diagnostic, work with the leadership team to agree a set of six strategic imperatives
    • Translate strategic imperatives into concrete action plans, accountabilities, and breakthrough projects
  • Work closely with GM and HR Director on leadership team development
    • Develop new behavioral norms and mutual commitments for the team
    • Support honest conversation about “team versus silo” behavior and new leadership expectations
  • Work closely with the GM and leadership team to realign the organization to delivery strategy
    • Agree new roles and accountabilities needed at the leadership level
    • Collaboratively design workshops to develop new organization design across BU–organization structures, processes and decision authorities 
    • Detailed design of new global organization in Quality and Compliance
  • Work closely with R&D and Manufacturing leadership to develop new processes to accelerate successful innovation
    • Design new organization and processes to identify emerging business and innovation opportunities
    • Develop and pilot enhanced leadership team process to shape innovation portfolio, prioritize projects, and direct investment
  • Work closely with HR Director to shape development of new culture of empowerment and accountability
    • Define concretely new culture and behaviors
    • Engage Top 120 in workshops, role-plays and cascade of re-contracting, about the what and how of their roles given changing expectations of leaders


  • In first year of the program, BU delivered the best results in the Group (measured by actual bottom-line result versus plan).